Nadine Heubel
Nadine Heubel
Former CEO Heinemann Americas & Web3 Enthusiast

Named CEO of Heinneman Americas, Inc, in May 2016, Nadine Heubel has been leading her company's foray into the United States and its lucrative travel retail industry both on land and at sea. Her career began at Hugo Boss over 20 years ago, where she served as the company's Head of Travel Retail in Germany. She transitioned to Gebr. Heinneman in 2008. 

Fluent in 3 languages, Heubel is a veteran retail executive with direct experience is virtually all aspects of the industry, Responsibilities have included the development of high-level marketing and retail strategies, leading customer and supplier management in over 70 countries, managing large teams of staff, and developing innovative retail concepts. 
Her ease working within an international business environment has helped her build highly successful partnerships throughout her career. 

Nadine Heubel holds both an Executive MBA and BBA from the Graduate School of Business Administration in Zurich.