Catherine Restrepo
Co-Founder & CEO
SYZYGY Strategies

Catherine Restrepo is the Founder and CEO of SYZYGY Strategies, an innovative brand-building brokerage agency established and in 2017 in Miami FL. She commenced her career in New York with the world’s second largest wine & spirits company, and relocated to Miami managing multi-channels within Travel Retail, especially a key player in taking Cruise lines to another strategic level for the company globally. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, she now runs her own company dedicated to business development, consulting and direct selling of wine, spirits and jewelry for Airlines, Cruise lines, Airports and recently adding Central America and Caribbean to scope.

In this short time, her company has made big strides with companies such as Beam Suntory GTR for the global cruise business, by creating a clear strategic roadmap with a robust long-term execution plan and channel management since end of 2018. Furthermore, working alongside “Glocal” craft brands bringing new mindful concepts and innovations with disruptive executions relevant during the consumer journey within the channel.

“Our mission is to drive top line growth and generate long-term value to our partners.”